At Wink's Gym MMA & Fitness we offer a variety of programs to suit different individuals and skill levels. Please, feel free to come and talk to us and we will help you with choosing the right program for you. CLICK HERE to inquire.



Wink's Gym offers Adult MMA classes which include a mix of striking, grappling, wrestling, and jiu jitsu. The belt system was created by Coach Mike Winkeljohn himself. Wink's instructors are well-versed in the sport of MMA, with the desire and ability to share their knowledge. Wink's Gym is the best place for beginner and intermediate students who want to become professional fighters. Once you gain experience enough to train with professional MMA athletes, you can transfer to Jackson Wink MMA Academy and advance your MMA career even further.


Heavy Bag Cardio classes consist of calorie busting, FUN, fat burning, kickboxing workouts. Join UFC fighter Holly Holm on Monday evenings for a GREAT workout! We have ALL adult ages, abilities and levels in these classes. Truly transformative, you will see changes in your body once you start punching the mitts and bags in these classes. Learn to kick and punch with professionals who actually have done it for years or who do it every day. This is the real deal!


Our conditioning classes are at 6AM and can make any early bird want to go back to the nest! But what an incredible feeling to know how much stronger you can become. You will use your own body weight, medicine balls, kettle bells, battle ropes, punching bags, and more. Discover where your limits are and test them!



Kids' MMA classes are designed for children ages 5 and up. Realistic self defense is the focus of what we teach. We use MMA as a platform to teach self confidence and develop self respect. Our belt system integrates character stripes and life skills into the curriculum. After your child has had time to warm up to our program, our Goal Program Coordinator will meet with your family and begin talking with you about the Goal Program. We make time in almost every single class to make sure your child has individualized time towards his/her personal goals. In addition, we will explain how our 21 Day Challenges work!



Smart Girl Self Defense Program is a system designed for women and girls by Heather Winkeljohn and her husband Coach Wink. The minimum age to attend the course is 14 years old. The course is taught every 3 months. The idea behind SGSD is based on escaping dangerous physical confrontations and building the importance of listening to your instincts. We discuss Psychology and Neuroscience that effects our body and mind in the time of stress. Techniques are simple and practical and the idea is to avoid the fight, but fight if you need to.


The course is offered in two levels. The full course price is $89. In Level 1, we focus on the stand up techniques and lectures. In Level 2, we focus on defending from the positions on the ground, and lecture on traits that survivors have, and what we can learn from them. UNM students save 10% off of the $89 course price. Once you attend a Smart Girl class you can come back for a refresher course for FREE. It is recommended ladies take the full course for $89 since many struggles end up on the ground. In most cases, we can make modifications for the ground portion if you have issues. If you choose to do only Level 1, the fee is $44.50. The next class is April 2016, Date & Time TBD. REGISTER HERE


Women that complete this Self Defense Program, who may also want to pursue learning basic handgun skills and/or receive a concealed carry license, can recieve a 30% discount with Instructors Dale and Linda Perkins at Perkins Protection Training.



Here at Wink's Gym our Private Lessons Program is customized for anyone who wants extra help for fitness, learning to hit the mitts, grappling, or any combination of special instructions. Please, let us know what you want to work on and we will help you to get there! We pick only the best instructors to do Private Lessons, either professional coaches or professional athletes are allowed to teach. Pricing differs based on the Instructor of your choice.


At Wink's Gym, our Private Lessons Program will:


  • Fine-tune your techniques.

  • Give you individual instruction depending on your level and abilities.

  • Give you an opportunity to improve faster than in a regular class.

  • Work with your busy life and find a flexible schedule to workout.

  • Provide a high intensity workout.


Please, CLICK HERE to inquire.

by Heather Winkeljohn (Located at Jackson Wink MMA Academy)


Our modern lifestyle is loaded with STRESS! Along with the daily stress of life (work, family, jobs), there is a battle we have going on inside of us. There is a constant war waged on us by medications, diets high in sugar and refined carbohydrates, infections, and viruses.  Many times this war begins in the gut, which is the first line of defense in our battle to maintain our health.


It’s no secret that we have an epidemic of obesity, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, autoimmune disease or we just don’t feel well.  How do we lose weight? How do you know which food to buy? Should you eat dairy, gluten free or the “Paleo diet”? So many questions! Stop guessing and start testing. 



University of New Mexico students receive 10% discount on all the programs.


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