Nothing makes us more happy knowing that we can share our knowledge with our students and contribute to their safety, their well-being, and their overall development. And, we Thank You for your acknowledgement!!!

“The training was great! I liked that most of it was hands on, which is how I learn best. Instructors were great, I liked how they came around and tested your knowledge when you weren't expecting it. Overall really enjoyed the training. Very useful information.”

“I think the class was fantastic and I learned a lot. It was interactive and fun. I felt safe and welcome to try things up to my skills without being forced to feel uncomfortable. The techniques were realistic and practicing them made me get a better understanding of how fast or slow I may react during dangerous situations. Thank you!”

“Although I was only able to participate in the first part of the class, I found it very helpful and informative.  It was even fun, which I wasn’t expecting. Thank you for what you do for the community!!!”

“I thought the class was very fun not what I expected. I like the part when they talked about awareness strategies and how to always be aware of our surroundings. The trainers made it enjoyable and interactive.”

“I thought the training was really helpful and I liked that we were all actively involved. The trainers did a good job of presenting the information in a simple, yet meaningful way. It was very fun (was it supposed to be fun?) J I also liked that the emphasis was mostly on trusting your instinct and being able to remove yourself from dangerous situations before anything bad happens." 

“I just wanted to say that I am really grateful for the two day intensive on self-defense that we had. I personally thought the work shop was a great balance of hand on activity and informational presentation. The activities demonstrated the knowledge being shared really well and everything that was presented felt very applicable to me as a home visitor and as a woman. Having been through some bad situations myself, I greatly appreciated the information regarding what our brain does in assault situations, and how I can better assess situations. I would highly recommend this training to anybody, man, woman or child. Thank you for making a training on such a heavy topic fun!”

“The self-defense class was fun and enjoyable. I liked it because I always wanted to learn ways to protect myself in case of any danger I was ever in and they were simple techniques easy enough for a beginner to learn!”


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